Arthritis – recognition, diagnosis

The term arthritis is determined painful diseases of joints and bones, are known for their approximately 200 types. The most important of these include osteoarthritis and arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Others include hereinafter gout arthritis, Reiter’s syndrome and systemic lupus called reactive arthritis. Arthritis can affect both the elderly and the young. The incidence of […]

Angina pectoris can be a symptom of myocardial infarction

Pain that occurs in the center of the chest that worsens with physical exertion and improvement in moments of rest, may indicate partial obstruction of a blood vessel by fat, one of the first signs of infarction. When you experience these symptoms, the patient should seek immediate medical attention. Did you know that experience severe […]

Depression mey kill DNA

Depression accelerates the aging of human cells by shortening its special sections of DNA that protect the molecule from damage. This is stated in an article published in the Molecular Psychiatry journal. Mental anguish experienced by people suffering from depression, significantly aggravate “fraying” of the human body, accelerating its aging . Scientists have measured the […]

Stress affects our memory

High rates of stress block the processes associated with memory. This was shown by experiments with snails. As established by scientists, after effects of a large number of irritants that provoke stress, snails forget everything they have learned previously. Stress also affects the human ability to remember information. A few stressful events occurring at the […]